Experienced Defense Guidance For Theft Crimes

The Law Offices of Scott T. Kamin in Chicago defends the rights of those accused of theft in courthouses across the area. As a seasoned defense attorney, I know the ins and outs of these cases — use this experience to your advantage.

If you have been arrested for misdemeanor theft, shoplifting or robbery, call me as soon as possible at 312-322-0077.

Savvy Defense Strategies For Illinois Theft Cases

Theft and robbery cases are focused on the details. A single fact of your case could change everything. Even in shoplifting cases, prosecutors must present hard proof that the defendant has committed a crime.

With over 20 years of experience in criminal defense, I have the knowledge and skills to defend your rights against any theft charge, from shoplifting to armed robbery.

I thoroughly investigate every case to ensure the best possible outcome for my clients. And along the way, I will keep you informed so that you can have realistic expectations. After decades of working in criminal law, I have the resources and connections to help you defeat these charges.

If The Police Got It Wrong, Call Scott

Police have fairly broad powers when it comes to investigating a crime, but these powers are not infinite or absolute. If you were illegally searched, abused by police or falsely arrested, call Scott Kamin as soon as possible.

In addition to my work as a criminal defense lawyer, I handle civil rights cases against police who overstep their authority.

The First Step Is Beating The Charge

If you are facing a theft or robbery charge, call the Law Offices of Scott T. Kamin as soon as possible. You can reach me online or by phone at 312-322-0077.