Defend Your Freedom Against Charges Of Assault And Resisting Arrest

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Understanding The Charges Against You

Assault, battery and resisting arrest are terms often thrown around without really knowing what they mean in the legal system. Assault is the threat, although not always verbal, of physical violence — not the physical strike, which is a battery.

In Illinois, resisting arrest includes getting in the way of police who are on duty. In other words, they might try to charge you with resisting arrest when you were not even under arrest at the time.

All too often, police will use these charges to bring someone in who has not done anything wrong. But, this charge is less popular among prosecutors, meaning there is a good chance I can get the charges minimized or thrown out entirely. As a criminal defense lawyer, I have gained extensive experience defending against both misdemeanor and felony charges, in courts all over the Chicago area. If the police were wrong, call me right away.

Police Are Often Implicated In Situations Of Resisting Arrest

Police misconduct is often an element when someone is charged with resisting arrest. If police used excessive force — more force than was necessary to deal with the situation — and then claim you resisted arrest, you probably have a potential civil rights case as well.

With over 20 years of experience in criminal law, I can help you in defending against your criminal charges and pursuing punishment for officers who abused their power. Even if you are unable to recover compensation for injuries caused by the cops, police in Chicago receive a black mark on their internal record when a civil suit is filed against them. One way or another, there will be consequences for their actions.

If The Police Were Wrong, Call Scott

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