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If The Police Were Wrong, Call Scott

Too often, police use extreme force when they don't need to. If police officers used a taser or some other type of brutality against you, call Scott immediately. You need a lawyer who can represent you on two fronts: fighting back against the charges and achieving justice for civil rights violations.

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Criminal Defense For Those Whose Arrest Violated Their Rights

Since 1995, the Law Offices of Scott T. Kamin has helped people accused of crimes in courts from 2600 S. California to the Dirksen Federal Building, in matters ranging from murder to drug crimes.

If you or a loved one is charged with a felony in the Chicago area, call us immediately. Whether you are charged with theft of property, a sex crime or a crime against another person, we will be there. We can help you defend your rights against these charges, as well as hold police accountable for violating your civil rights.

Once your innocence is shown, we can sue the police for their brutality, your false arrest or misconduct by prosecutors through civil litigation.

Police brutality is too often swept under the rug. Attorney Scott T. Kamin fights for the victims in these situations. If the police took you to Homan Square and would not let you make a phone call or speak to a lawyer, please give us a call.

At the Law Offices of Scott T. Kamin, we possess sophisticated criminal defense and civil rights experience. We understand how police officers, sheriff's deputies and other law enforcement personnel often abuse their authority.

Experienced Criminal Defense Representation

I started my legal career as a criminal defense attorney, and I will leverage my experience when I evaluate your criminal charges to create an effective strategy. I have real-world experience handling complex criminal cases, and I understand how to preserve evidence and present your case at trial.

My goal as your criminal defense lawyer is to help you minimize the consequences you face. I have extensive outside resources and experienced staff on my side. Through in-depth investigations and effective trial preparation, I can help you pursue a better future.

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If you have been arrested or have been the victim of police brutality, call me right away to discuss your case. Call 312-322-0077, or send me an email.


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